Press Ganey 2017 Strategic Insights Report Offers Integrated, Cross-Domain Analyses of Performance to Improve Health Care Delivery

Mar 29, 2017

Findings Reveal Key Interdependencies for Achieving and Sustaining Excellence in Value-Based Care Environment

Boston, Massachusetts, March 29, 2017—Press Ganey today released its 2017 Strategic Insights white paper, Achieving Excellence: The Convergence of Safety, Quality, Experience and Caregiver Engagement. The special report identifies a data-driven path for advancing patient-centered health care through the cross-domain analyses of safety, quality and patient experience metrics. The report further explores the importance of caregiver engagement and offers case studies of how leading organizations adopt transformative practices to improve care.

“The quest for excellence in health care is a continuous journey. It starts with a commitment to reducing patient suffering and the understanding that every patient deserves safe, high-quality, coordinated care delivered with empathy and compassion,” said Patrick T. Ryan, CEO, Press Ganey. “In order to succeed in today’s consumer-driven marketplace, health care organizations must leverage integrated analyses to prioritize improvement across all drivers of care and build a strong, supportive culture to engage and sustain their workforce.”

This report features new integrated analyses across performance measures to help leaders:

  • Understand the strong, positive relationships between and among drivers of care and their influence on financial performance
  • Develop actionable strategies for nurturing a high-performing culture and a fully engaged workforce
  • Creating organizational alignment for achieving value-based, patient-centered care and competitive success

“Research has consistently demonstrated that safety, quality, experience of care and caregiver engagement are interrelated,” said Dr. James Merlino, President and CMO, Press Ganey Strategic Consulting Division. “This year’s Strategic Insights report provides the core principles necessary for leaders to align their workforce around enhancing performance in each of these domains to help achieve health care excellence.”

A copy of the 2017 Strategic Insights report Achieving Excellence: The Convergence of Safety, Quality, Experience and Caregiver Engagement is available for download.

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