Press Ganey Receives Patient Safety Organization Designation from AHRQ

Jan 31, 2017

HPI Press Ganey PSO Offers Proprietary Data and Confidential Forum to Enhance Health Care Safety

BOSTON --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Press Ganey today announced that HPI Press Ganey is now federally listed as an AHRQ Patient Safety Organization (PSO) under the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005. The PSO will leverage proprietary HPI Safety Event Classification ( SEC ), Serious Safety Events Rate (SSER) and root cause methodologies—currently in use by more than 800 health care organizations—to offer new, confidential data insights and member forums to explore strategies for preventing harm. The PSO further expands the company’s suite of safety solutions providing health care organizations advanced insights and best practices for improving safety and enhancing the overall value of care.

“Safety must be a foundational core value for all health systems, where the only acceptable goal is zero harm. The introduction of the HPI Press Ganey PSO reflects our deep commitment to supporting health care organizations in this movement,” said James Merlino , MD, President and Chief Medical Officer, Press Ganey Strategic Consulting Division. “By providing this confidential forum for members to share safety incidents and learnings, we further enable clients to enact meaningful strategies for preventing harm and advancing overall delivery of care.”

The HPI Press Ganey PSO will facilitate sharing of targeted strategies for the identification, analysis, prevention, and reduction or elimination of the risks and hazards associated with the delivery of patient care. Communications and data within PSOs are protected by the Patient Safety Rule, removing significant barriers to participation in patient safety and quality improvement initiatives such as fear of legal liability or professional sanctions.

Starting in 2017, all hospitals with more than 50 beds must verify participation in a federally-listed PSO, or equivalent safety initiative, according to CMS’ patient safety standards requirements .

For more information on the HPI Press Ganey Patient Safety Organization , please visit Press Ganey’s website .

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Source: Press Ganey