Press Ganey Nursing Special Report Identifies Key Drivers of Intent to Stay Across Multiple Nursing Segments

Dec 04, 2018

Analysis pinpoints trends and differential predictors to direct targeted recruitment and retention strategies

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Press Ganey today released its 2018 Nursing Special Report, Optimizing the Nursing Workforce: Key Drivers of Intent to Stay for Newly Licensed and Experienced Nurses. Utilizing NDNQI survey data from nearly 250,000 registered nurses, researchers analyzed associations between nurse turnover and factors such as nurse age, length of time with an organization and unit type to identify trends and differential predictors that can influence turnover. The report delivers actionable insights and targeted strategies to successfully engage and retain both newly licensed and experienced nurses in an environment where nursing is critical to enterprise success.

“Nursing is at a critical crossroads,” said Christy Dempsey, chief nursing officer, Press Ganey. “While it is one of the fastest growing occupations across the country, a confluence of factors has resulted in an attrition rate that outpaces current and projected nurse supply. Given the critical role that nurses play in fulfilling the patient promise of safe, high-quality, patient-centered care, leaders across the health care enterprise must recognize the diverse needs of a multigenerational workforce and develop recruitment strategies and a nurturing culture to attract, engage and retain the best nursing talent.”

Select key insights from the paper that have important implications for nurse workforce development include

  • Attrition risk is associated with nurse tenure, with those nurses who have been in practice for two to four years at the highest risk for attrition.
  • Quality of care and career development opportunities are strong retention drivers among experienced nurses, second only to job satisfaction and joy in work.
  • Nurse manager support, joy in work, and praise and recognition are key retention drivers for newly licensed nurses.

Findings in the report reveal that factors influencing nurse retention can vary considerably across segments, indicating that interventions for reducing nurse turnover should be designed and implemented to meet the unique needs of a multigenerational nurse workforce. To optimize efforts, health care leaders should carefully consider the composition of nursing staffs across units and the differential needs of nurses by age, tenure and role when developing recruitment and retention strategies.

A copy ofthe2018 Nursing Special Report, Optimizing the Nursing Workforce: Key Drivers of Intent to Stay for Newly Licensed and Experienced Nurses, is available for download.

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